The 8 Things Will İncrease The Price on The Move


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The single handedly biggest impact on the price at move is.... Yeah, you guessed it, it's the WORKERS :)

1) - Because of the reasons how your house build or how big is your house moving company will bring workers. Let me explain. Let's say your house is 2+1 moving company will bring 4 people but if it's 2+1 and it's at the 21 floor than the moving company will bring 8 people and for 21-floor. Moving company will pay more to that 8 guys as well. So this knowledge will increase your price dramatically.

2) - Tiny teeny roads that leads to your home. This process is also a real issue. Because the workers can't walk 500 meters with your furniture on there back. So the moving company will rent a small truck and load your furniture to that small truck than drive that small truck to the big truck and move your belongings to the big truck this is common in "Şişli, Beyoğlu and Fatih" areas of istanbul.

3) - If you agreed with the company that the building you will move your house from having an elevator, then the moving day comes and the management of the building says you can't use it! This will increase the price. Because the company will pay more to the workers. So it will affect you but if you knew it open or closed it wont effect the price by any means. This might seem far fetched. But trust me we see this almost every week so before you say anything about the elevator ask your management. If they be able to open the elevator, when you needed it.

4) - If you told the moving company that your house is at the 4th floor. Then the moving day comes and it appears to be on the 14th floor the company will definitely increase the price because of the reasons we shared at the first segment of our paragraph.

5) - if your furniture won't fit to your buildings stares because of 2 reasons how narrow the stares are? or how big your furniture's are? Both reasons are applicable so moving company will hire an elevator truck(you will pay) and yes there is such thing exist called elevator truck, its really cool. You see the elevator truck will park close to your building and raise a huge elevator to your window or balcony and the moving company will literally take your furniture out from your 14th or 15th floor homes window there's elevator. It's so cool bit expensive but cool indeed.

6) - After you load your home safely to the big truck of the moving company now there is one destination. Your new home, if you have two homes right next to each other and you want divide your furniture to two or leave the couch to your brothers home. If this was not agreed on the contract, it will increase the price due to the company will pay more to the workers.

7) - Again after you load your home safely to the big truck of the moving company, suddenly you got a call from the guy who was renovating your home and learned that he needs just another day to finish the painting or the ceiling. So you tell the moving company can we hold this until tomorrow? Yes we can hold this for tomorrow but again it will increase the price. Because of the truck and the workers will be busy with you furniture not one but two days now.

8) - Don't move your house at the weekends. Because everyone wants to move at weekends and just because the moving company having a lot of business. They will increase the price our suggestion is to move Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday just because there's less business these days you will have a better price moving on these days.

And it all boils down to the moving contract if anything extra comes there it is likely that it will increase the price. We have made the best moving contract for you and advise you to not sing the moving  companys contract (come on do you really expect the moving company's contract to protect you) "no it will now"

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