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Enakliyat is one of the premier web based home moving service companies in Turkey with around 250 member moving companies scattered on all major cities. Enakliyat is in home moving business for last 12 years. Although it can be considered as new in the moving market, Enakliyat has successfully became the most influential moving portal in the country. With the highest customer visits and biggest moving volume through an internet portal.

We considered that our business concept will not be complete if we do not provide service to expats living in our country. We believe expats need more care compared an average Turkish citizen during home moving process. So we have prepared a simple version of our concept in English to enable you to use our service.  In case you need domestic relocation in Turkey whether it is short distance (same city) or long distance (between different provinces), we can assure you a good quality and cost efficient moving service.
Enakliyat has a unique business model which is based on auctioning for best price and service combination. The moving process is consist of five easy steps.

Step 1: Click on Get Free Quotes button on our web page and fill in the easy Moving Auction Form to specify some details of your home furniture and distance between residence and destination. After completing the form your auction will be published on our website.

Step 2: You will immediately get many quotes from our 250 member movers who are in most convenient position to get your business,

Step 3: Enakliyat keeps you updated for quotes your auction receives, when you feel that enough quotes are received, you visit Enakliyat website review the quotes and examine quoting mover’s profiles by reading customer reviews and ratings to get some clues about their behaviors and ethics. Than you click on approve button of your favorite quote. Only after you approved a quote your contact info is shared with approved mover. Then mover contacts you to clarify all the details.
Step 4: Moving Company fulfills the job on exact day you specified on your auction, at the price you approved. No extra charges at all.

Step 5: After your moving adventure is complete you have the right to rate and write a customer review on the movers profile based on the experience you got during the whole process of home moving.

Please keep in mind that getting business from Enakliyat is uniquely based on customer reviews and ratings. Therefore our member movers are very well motivated to get a high rating and positive review from you.

Ratings and Reviews

Enakliyat has structured its business model in a way to ensure that moving consumers will select a quoting company based on its rating and reviews. If you don’t have someone who can personally advice you which company to select, than it makes sense to depend on the consumer ratings and reviews when making your selection. Enakliyat never manipulate ratings and reviews. If a consumer is not happy with the moving experience he had, we encourage him to reflect his feelings to the rating and review he is going to publish on moving companies profile to help future customers not make same mistake of choosing that company. If you scroll down on the ratings and reviews of any our moving member it is very much likely that you will see many low ratings and negative reviews. We paste whatever comes from consumers unless it contains a language that is out of our ethics standards.

Home Moving Price Estimation

Enakliyat Team has prepared the best home moving price estimation tool in Turkey. Our tool is the most popular and widely used in the market. You can easily calculate a moving price depending on the size of the house, the floors it moves between and the distance you are planning to move. The price estimation results will be shown as range with maximum and minimum figures. As long as price your quotes are in the range you are safe in terms of pricing.

You must keep in mind that you cannot get the best service at the minimum price. Depending on your price taste you can opt between good service end cheap moving.

Enakliyat Moving Service Segmentation

When you fill in our Quotation Form you will be required to select the service level you want. There are three service levels in our moving package first class moving, standard moving and economic moving. Our member will be quoting according to the service level you want to purchase. Of course best service level will come with a higher price. Only companies with best track records are qualified to quote for first class moving auctions.

Home Moving Contract

You can download our English/Turkish Moving Contract and sign it with mover to protect you against any kind of misbehavior and damage to your belongings. Since the contract is prepared by a third party (us) you can be confident that it is a balanced contract protecting both sides. Contracts prepared by movers are mostly designed in a way to protect mover against your claims not otherwise. A good contract also can protect your rights in case of need and put pressure on the mover reminding him that you are serious and well positioned to protect your right if fails to deliver his promise.

Home Moving Insurance

When you intend to move here relocation companies will also try to sell you an insurance policy. I need to remind you that the policy you make payment to get will only protect your goods against traffic accidents, fire, theft and other events that out of movers control. The policy never protects you against scratches and breakages that caused due to poor packaging, deconstructing and reconstructing. I would recommend you buy an insurance policy only when you are moving to a long distance location.

Language Support From Enakliyat

As far as we know it is absolutely not possible to find a home mover in major Turkish cities who can communicate with you in English. Therefore your biggest challenge will be proper communication with your potential mover. Enakliyat come up with a better than nothing solution. In case you decide to move using our system than we will play translator role between you and mover to ease the communication problem to some extent. Of course we cannot be present at the moving location but we can communicate with you and our member mover through phone and other communication tools. We can convert your written instructions in to Turkish to make it easy for movers to understand.

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